Make sure you’ve added the appropriate artist roles for the artists in your release!

Spotify have introduced a feature where composers, producers and performers can be displayed and credited in one section. You can view these artist credits by heading over to your track on the platform and clicking the three dots on the right, near the track’s timestamp.

To credit your composers, producers and performers here, you just need to ensure that you add these artists to your metadata when creating your release on Terrabyte Studios. Click ‘add artist’ to enter another artist on your track details and/ or album details, then choose the artist role from the drop down menu.

If your release is already approved and you haven’t added these artist roles to your release yet, you can update your release to include them. It’s as simple as this:

  • Head to your discography within Terrabyte Studios
  • Click the three dots on the right of your release and click ‘Update Release’
  • Add or update all the relevant artists roles

The release will then be sent to our update moderation team to be reviewed. Once approved, it’ll be sent as an update to stores. Don’t worry – the original version of your release will remain live until the updates have been approved. If your update has been denied, a message stating why will be sent to your registered email – please keep an eye out for this just in case!