YouTube Music is YouTube’s key streaming service, which also provides content to YouTube as arts tracks and topic channels.

By selecting ‘iTunes / YouTube’ as a store in the ‘Manage Stores’ section of your release creation page on Terrabyte Studios, this will submit your content to the YouTube Music audio library.

Much like other major streaming services, YouTube Music’s focus is on discovery, as their catalogue holds millions of tracks, artists, playlists and includes artist radio features too. Plus, due to the integration with YouTube’s main platform, you can choose to watch a music video along with a track should you wish to.

As well as distribution to YouTube’s streaming platform, you’ll also have your release appear as an art track within a topic channel under your artist’s name. Sadly, these topic channels can’t be claimed, but if you upgrade your YouTube channel to an Official Artist Channel (OAC), you can merge your topic channel with your own channel!

If you’re a listener and want benefits such as ad-free videos, the ability to download music for offline play and more, YouTube Music app users who have a YouTube Music Premium membership will have access to these.